Starting From the Bottom

Starting from the Bottom
It's never too late

I’m somewhat hesitant and embarrassed to admit that I’ve started blogging about doing, and feel all the fear about doing so. Do you ever feel that way?

In my younger years, I was a flight attendant, then made the switch to hospitals, then back to aviation. Obviously, being a flight attendant was the most fun. Apart from the travel and flight benefits, I can now look back and also appreciate the independence that came with it. There were no managers or supervisors flying around with us. Yes, there is a hierarchy with the captain at the top, but we regularly switched crew members. If you didn’t enjoy flying with someone, say your personalities just didn’t match, it didn’t matter because you may never see them again for a year.

That preamble brings me to the next 2 jobs, in corporate America. I’m writing to you, dear friend in corporate America, who feels stuck. Hates working for someone else. Annoyed at living by the clock, waiting for 5pm, waiting for the weekend. In some cases, even needing to find someone to cover your desk so you can use the bathroom?? What even is this? And dare I even mention the sitting portion of most of these jobs and what that does to our health.

We spend a large portion of our days at work, one third of your life. That is way too much to be doing something that doesn’t bring you satisfaction and joy. I’ve always felt this way, but never did anything about it until my late 30’s. The point is that if you are just starting out post-college, or you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, it’s never too late. This is YOUR life to live, no one else’s.

I’m speaking just as much to myself as you.

It’s time to take control! Work to live and enjoy life. Yes, I fucking want it all! A nice fat bank account and fit body, both of which make me feel great about traveling the world.

This is where I begin my journey. I’d love for you to stay and join me as I work to conquer the fear and inaction to find my best life. I really am starting at the bottom and I’m in my 40s…so…good times. And I refuse to keep living as I am forever.

Let’s get to it, shall we!?