Side Hustle: Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates
Starting an Amazon Associates Side Hustle
Amazon Associates
Starting an Amazon Associates Side Hustle

With the economy as it is, now is the perfect time to start your side hustle! In time, hopefully it will also become a primary source of income. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s affiliate program. After signing up and getting accepted, you will be able to use your website, blog, and social media accounts to start directing traffic to Amazon products. In return, when a customer purchases from your link, you’ll receive a commission. You will not have to deal with customer service, shipping, or inventory: Amazon takes care of all of that. And, people already know and trust Amazon so you’ll have a better conversion rate.

Is it really that simple? Yes and no. It is simple and free to join. But it can take some time not only to build an audience but also gain their trust to start buying.

How Do I Get Started in Amazon Associates?

For starters, make sure to set up your website, blog, or social account you plan to promote the products on. Then head over to Here you can very easily request to become an affiliate. You will answer profile questions including your name, address, etc., and then where you plan on promoting amazon product links. After submitting, it will take a couple days to hear back, via email, on if you were accepted. If you don’t, no worries, you will be able to try again!

How Much Can I Make as an Amazon Associate?

The sky is the limit! Remember it can take time to build an audience, so set realistic expectations to start. Be patient. The first 6 months may go very slowly, but a realistic “stretch” goal is $5,000 a month after 1 year. In my research, I saw associates making $10,000 a month and much more. The key is to be patient and consistent, and be sure to be providing value to your audience to build trust.

Pick a Niche

A niche is a category of items to promote. You’ll want to niche down as much as possible. Meaning, for example, you can choose “sports” but it’s better to niche down to “golf.”

Take a look at the commission rates for what you’d like to promote. This one is valid until 7/24/22:

Find the right niche for you by choosing what commission level you’d prefer, along with a category you have interest in, as you will be talking about it often! There is also a great list to help you get started here.

Rules to Follow

This hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve heard it can be easy to get kicked out for not following the rules. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Include Disclaimer

Federal Law requires the disclosure to be at the top/beginning of the article. A simple one to get started with is:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Or if you are promoting on social media, include #Ad.

Don’t Run Google Ads for your Amazon Link

Don’t Cloak your Links for Amazon

Don’t use sites like to shorten or change the appearance of the link you receive from Amazon.

Don’t do email marketing for your links

Your links must be in a place Amazon can check on it. This includes closed groups on Facebook- make sure to share in public groups.

Don’t Buy From Your Own Link OR Ask Family and Friends to Buy From Your Link

You need to earn commission in the first 180 days to remain active. It’ll be tempting to buy from your own link or ask family and friends to use your links- these won’t count towards your commission.


Becoming an Amazon Associate is a great way to earn extra money, and it’s free to join. You can promote your links on a website or social media account. Be sure to follow the rules so you don’t get shut down! What questions do you have?